WaterSight - Tank Level (Schematic Overview)

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.
Area: Documentation

Select how to display the Tanks information

 Tank level Graph Overview 
 Tank level Schematic Overview (this page)

The Tank Schematic Overview provides an at-a-glance indication in real time if tank levels are above or below minimum or maximum values defined (for the last 15 minutes average). 

If tank level is below the minimum value defined in the Tanks Configuration page, it will appear color-coded with a red color. If tank level is above the maximum value defined in the Tank Configuration page, it will appear color coded with an orange color. The tanks tooltip shows the numeric values for those properties.

The low and high level alarms are shown as dashed lines, as well as the average value. The average value corresponds to the expected tank level for the current time (obtained based on the percentile 50 of the level historical data) while the real tank level for the current time is shown below each tank (as percentage and water depth). 

Current System Storage

Displays information about the current total system storage (considering all tanks)


Dropdown button allows to choose between volume information or level information . The tanks scheme information gets automatically updated based on this selection. 


Click here to compare tank variables between different tanks. More information here

Sort by

When there is a long list of tanks, the user may find useful to sort tanks by name or by condition (tanks below or above min. and max. values defined will appear first) or search on the list by the name of the tank.


See the tanks displayed by user defined groups. User defined groups or Tags are defined in the Tank Configuration, under Administration. Please note that if no Tags are defined under zones administration, this field does not appear.


Filters the list of sensors to the ones containing the word fragment typed in (case-insensitive).

For more information about WaterSight, please go to OpenFlows WaterSight TechNotes and FAQ's.