WaterSight - Tank Comparison

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.
Area: Documentation

The Tank Comparison page allows users to directly compare in the same graph different tank variables such as Hydraulic Grade, Level or Percent full. This may be useful to understand:

  • if tanks within the same zone floating are in sync with each other or if they have different cycles: different cycles within the same zone may indicate an undersized distribution network; offsets can help understand the directionality of supply and demand
  • if tanks within the same zone floating at similar hydraulic grades, or if there is a persistent sloped grade: a sloped grade can be indicative of undersized transmission mains and can lead to unexpected regions of high and low pressure.
  • if multiple tanks experience sudden changes in level simultaneously: knowing which tanks were affected by a sudden level drop can help locate new leaks
  • how much driving head is available between tanks in two different zones

When page opens, it displays the chart for a single tank for the most recent seven days. The user can select which tanks are to be included by checking the boxes by the tank names and adjust the time period to be viewed using the time controls at the bottom of the graph.


Filters the type of measurement: Hydraulic Grade, Level or Percent full


Selection of the tanks for comparison