WaterSight - Graph Overview

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.
Area: Documentation

The Tank Overview pager provides an at-a-glance indication if tank variables (e.g. level) lie within the expected range of values​. This is particularly useful to quickly spot any anomalies at tanks like overflows (whenever the tank level is above certain value), low tank levels (that can lead to insufficient tank capacity, low pressure or water quality problems) and sudden tank level changes that can be an indication of an anomalous event occurring in the network.

By default a 3x3 grid of level sensor charts are displayed charting readings of the past 24 hours and a forecast of 6 hours. The number of sensors to be displayed simultaneously is limited by page - the user has the option to navigate to the additional pages (top left of the page) to see the remaining sensors or search for a specific one.

The grey bands on each chart represent the pattern confidence bands computed from one month of historical sensor level data. A pattern corresponds to an expected behavior for the sensor. In OpenFlows WaterSight pattern confidence bands are computed for each sensor using advanced data analytics (statistic equations together with machine learning techniques to remove outliers or bad data). Whenever real data (re-sampled) values, represented as black, red or orange circles go outside the pattern confidence bands, an outlier is identified and the value is color corded with a red circle. 

The user can access this same page by going to the Sensor Overview page, and then choose "level" in the Measurement dropdown option button. 

Note: Tanks will display in order of descending priority. Tanks with a priority of 0 will not display in the overview. The priority of each sensor - in this case level sensor - is defined at the Sensors configuration, in the administration page. 


Filters the list of sensors to the ones containing the word fragment typed in (case-insensitive).


Filters the list of sensors to the ones with matching measurement type. For now for tanks it only displays Level.

Tile Size

Allows to switch between Small, Medium and Large tiles.

Note: a double-click inside the sensor chart area will navigate to the Sensor Detail of that specific sensor.