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The admin user can reach this page by clicking in the Administration tab, and then clicking in the back button located in the upper left corner of the Digital Twin Setup page. 

Once in the Digital Twins page, the admin user is able to manage all his Digital Twins. 

A Digital Twin corresponds to the digital representation of the physical assets, processes, or systems, as well as the information that allows to understand and model its performance. The digital twin is continuously synchronized from multiple sources, to represent its near real-time status, working condition or position

In WaterSight, each Digital Twin intends to represent a whole water supply system, including all its components and information: pipes, valves, sensors, pumps, pumping stations, tanks, reservoirs, zones (or DMAs) and customers. 

Typically each water utility will have just one Digital Twin, representing the complete system. However there are cases where water utilities can manage different independent and isolated water supply systems that supply different towns. For those cases there may exist some advantages in creating different Digital Twins that represent each independent water supply system, as in most cases the users that will access each Digital Twin will also be different. 

For each Digital Twin (DT) the user admin can control the users that will have access to it (and set their permissions) as well as insert and edit all the information belonging to a specific DT, or even delete the DT. To do this, click in the "More" button located in the lower right corner of each DT, and then select the desired option: Edit or Delete. 

Edit the Digital Twin

Once clicking in the "Edit" button, the user will be redirected to the Digital Twin Setup page, where he can add new users to the DT and set their permissions as well as edit existent information or incorporate new information. The "Edit" button also allows the user to pick one of the Digital Twins available, and the one that is selected will appear highlighted with a yellow frame (as seen in the image above, where the Anytown USA DT is selected). 

Once a DT is selected, all the information showed in WaterSight and contained in all the menus (Home, Network Monitoring, Pumps, Tanks, Event Management, Water Audit, RealTime Simulation, Weather Forecast, and PowerBI) will be related and referred to that specific DT. 

Create a New Digital Twin

Besides this, the user can also create a new DT, by clicking in the "New Button" located on the top left of the page, then selecting a name, type and goals, and then clicking "Start". As previously mentioned, the user may want to create different Digital Twins for each isolated/independent water supply system (corresponding to different towns for example), as users that will access to each Digital Twin may also be different. 

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