Compatibility Chart – OpenFlows and Civil Designer products

Product(s): SewerGEMS, CivilStorm, SewerCAD, StormCAD, OpenRoads Designer, OpenSite
Version(s): CONNECT Edition
Area: Layout and Data Input


This article documents compatibility of each OpenRoads/OpenSite/OpenRail Designer product and OpenFlows storm-sewer product and information about respective versions supported.

Starting with OpenRoads Designer version, the term "SUBSURFACE UTILITIES AND DESIGN ANALYSIS" has been officially changed to "DRAINAGE AND UTILITIES" though the functionalities are same. 

A Note on System and Hardware Requirements

For hardware requirements (RAM, CPU, Video card), refer to the Readme.PDF file included in the installation folder of your respective Bentley product. In general, hardware requirements are highly dependent on the size and complexity of the model. The more elements and more complexity in the model and the longer the simulation duration, the more memory it will take up and the more a faster CPU will impact overall performance.

To download the latest versions of the products, please see the following link: 

Downloading OpenFlows / Hydraulics and Hydrology Software.

OpenRoads Designer Payload Download 

Training material on OpenRoads Designer and SewerGEMS

OpenRoads Designer - Learning

Learning Resource Guide for new users of Bentley SewerGEMS

Training for drainage functionality in OpenRoads Designer

Activating Advanced Drainage Capabilities in OpenRoads Designer: Part 1 | Part 2

Note on Compatibility

  • Each version of OpenRoads/OpenSite/OpenRail Designer uses a different version of the OpenFlows technology products (SewerGEMS / StormCAD / SewerCAD / CivilStorm).
  • As with the OpenFlows products, projects saved in a latest version cannot be opened by an earlier older version (with respect to the "compatible OpenFlows storm/sewer version" noted below).
  • To open an OpenRoads/OpenSite/OpenRail Designer project in e.g. SewerGEMS, select "DGN" in the Files or Type dropdown in the File Open dialog of SewerGEMS.

Individual Product Platform Compatibility Charts

For information about windows operating systems versions supported , Microstation versions, .NET versions etc. supported by each version of respective products below please check individual platform compatibility charts of civil and OpenFlows products respectively as below.

Platform Compatibility - Civil Products

Platform Compatibility - OpenFlows Products

Compatibility Chart

Version of OpenRoads / OpenSite / OpenRail Designer / /

Date Released

















Compatible OpenFlows storm/sewer product version

The lowest version supported of OpenFlows product by any version of OpenRoads / OpenSite product is

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