WaterSight - Zone Status

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.
Area: Documentation

This page displays at-a-glance indication of the flow data quality regarding each zone. 

Assuring zone flow data quality is essential to assure the success of operational activities such as real time flow monitoring of zones (allowing understanding in real time potential problems like bursts, leaks, meter failures and others), minimum nightly flow analysis, water balance calculations, among others. Besides this, zone flow data serve as input for the calculation of several KPI (Key Performance Indicators). 

Zones are color coded based on the flow data quality of each of the sensors contributing to the final zone balance. The configuration of the inflow and outflow sensors as well as tanks levels that may exist inside the zone are configured in the Zones Configuration page (at the administration level) by the user. The zone polygons are uploaded in the Administration, in the GIS configuration page. Boundaries are shown as heavy lines the same color as the zone.


Each zone will have a flow time series associated, that corresponds to the final balance between all inflows, outflows and storage inside the area. This dropdown button is locked for editing.

Time Range 

The period evaluated to determine the zone data quality (zone status).

Zone Status

Reports the number of zones falling in one of the categories




No data


At least one sensor contributing to the final zone balance has no readings at all for the specified Time-Range.


Overall status could no be computed. Usually this means there are no sensors configured contributing to the zone balance.

Partial data


If at least one of the sensor that contribute to the zone balance is with failures (less than 75% of the expected sensor readings arrived)



If all sensors that contribute to the zone balance are classified as ok (more than 75% of the all expected sensor readings arrived)

Selected Zone

When clicking a zone on the map, details are displayed here and a zone chart with zone readings for the previous 24 hours is shown below the map.


Name associated to the zone.


Data quality status for the selected zone. Classification based on the table above.

Zone Balance

Name of all sensors contributing to the flow balance of the zone. Inflow sensors, outflow sensors and tanks are represented with different symbols. Clicking a sensor label will navigate to Sensor Details


Allows to turn on/off various information in the map.



No data

Not possible to compute zone flow data as there is no data for at least one of the sensors contributing to the zone balance.

Partial data

Zone where insufficient data arrived. At least one of the sensors contributing to the zone balance has less than 75% of the expected signals.


Zone where all sensors provide sufficient data.


Pipe-Skeleton of the model

Map Type

Background Map that is available when the underlying i-model is geo-located (otherwise disabled). The dropdown allows to select one of the styles: "Aerial", "Hybrid" or "Street"

Note: a double-click inside the plot-area of the Zone chart redirects the user directly to to the Zone Details page.