Visualizing results for cross section elements

Product(s): SewerGEMS, CivilStorm, StormCAD, SewerCAD
Version(s): 10.02.XX.XX and later
Area: Modeling


This article explains how to visualize cross section results graphically. This feature is available in CONNECT Edition Update 2 and greater (10.02.XX.XX + )

Note: To visualize gutter results see this article: Using the Gutter Cross Section Viewer to visualize and view gutter results


Similar to the Gutter Cross Section Tool, you can also visualize results at cross section elements. When an existing terrain is attached to the model, the cross section results can simply be viewed by right clicking a cross section element and selecting "Cross Section". This would bring up the sectional view of the channel as specified in the cross section properties with water level marked.

Note: Viewing cross section results and water levels does not require a terrain model to be attached to the model. 

The water level displayed changes as you move through the simulation depicting the depth of flow in the channel at the cross section in terms of elevation.

Note: Currently the elevation can only be seen in "feet" and does not change as per the individual units set for elevation or the unit system set for the model. A defect (#371374) has been filed in this regard for a change in future releases.

The elevation units are fixed in later releases of our storm-sewer products and show the units set as defaults under  File > Options > Units.

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