Inlet Capture analysis in the 1D/2D modeling


OpenFlows FLOOD




This article explains the calculation method used by OpenFlows FLOOD for the Inlet Capture analysis during 1D/2D model simulation.

Video: Rainfall on grid simulation – Inlet capture analysis – Flood Depth on map visualization


When having OpenFlows FLOOD workspaces that include stormwater networks (SWMM, CivilStorm, SewerGEMS) and inlets/catch basins need to be modeled in order to simulate the capture of the surface flow calculated by the 2D model, it´s necessary the configuration of the Grid Data file that represents the location of the inlets and its opening length (Street Gutter Length configuration in the Runoff module).

For details about the Grid Data file creation and its application in the hydraulic model please see the Urban Flood Simulation quick start guide.

The following equation is used by OpenFlows FLOOD to calculate the flow capture by each inlet:


  • 2 = equation coefficient
  • L = inlet opening length [m]
  • yo= water depth (2D Manning) [m]
  • g= gravity [m/s2]

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