Hints for troubleshooting machine-specific issues / errors

Product(s): WaterCAD, StormCAD, WaterGEMS, SewerCAD, Hammer, CivilStorm, SewerGEMS, PondPack, Flowmaster, Culvertmaster
Version(s): V8i, Connect Edition
Area: Installation


What things should I check in case I understand the issue/error is machine specific?


In certain cases, the issues related to software crashes, model crashes could be machine specific issues. Which can be confirmed by computing the same model on another system, e.g. video card driver issues or old windows operating systems not supported for certain functions etc. In such cases below things should be checked related to your machine to troubleshoot the issue. 

Cannot start the product

  • If software fails to open, in that case run the software as admin, right click on OpenFlows software desktop shortcut > Run as administrator. You can also edit the properties of the shortcut and try running it in compatibility mode (for example compatibility mode for Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8)
  • Restart your computer in case it is in a pending reboot condition or otherwise in a bad state.
  • Apply the latest cumulative patch set for the version you are having, contact Technical Support to get the related patch (available for subscribers).
  • Make sure that you have installed the software on your local hard drive.
  • Reinstall the correct Microsoft .NET Framework version, refer to the Platform compatibility chart to understand the compatible .NET versions for each OpenFlows product version.
  • Install prerequisites first and then install software, this will ensure that all the required supporting applications are installed on your system
  • Check the regional settings on your system like Non-US/English Windows regional/language options / decimal separator etc. sometimes checking these options helps if some odd settings are used
  • If issues are with software installation, try to temporarily close all open third-party applications like antivirus (e.g. Symantec, Trend and Windows Defender), video card control panel, etc. It is seen that antivirus settings sometimes prohibit the software from installing or running.
  • Check for Windows updates; if there had been a windows update recently on your system or any other software installation since the OpenFlows product stopped working, check for such things.
  • Check if the font size or DPI was changed on your system by your admin or other user, which could cause the issue. See this.
  • Perform a clean reinstallation of the OpenFlows Product. See: Clean reinstallation 
  • In case there is a problem with your windows profile, try on another user/admin or delete/recreate the Windows user account.
  • Check if you are using the latest video card driver on your system, if the issue is related to the drawing pane or with background layers in the OpenFlows product - Updating video drivers and troubleshooting video hardware issues 
  • Try using the 32 bit version of OpenFlows product from installation folder. See this.
  • If this does not help, please locate and send the installation log files to Technical Support.

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