New Fire Event Workflow

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.
Area: Documentation

After selecting Fire Event from New Event menu on the Operation Events Page a wizard guides you through the workflow. 

1. Select the Fire Event Location on the Map


Locate and click the fire node on the map.

When this step is canceled, no event will be created.


2. Setup and Run the computation

After selecting the node for the fire event you will be prompted to enter your computation settings and Start the computation run.

Note: The wizard will resume on this page when you canceled out here and you want to edit the not yet uncompleted event. 

3. Resume running the Fire Event computation

If you canceled out from the previous step, you will be presented the Fire Event Computation Panel. Clicking the Simulate button allows you enter the computation settings and run the fire event simulation.

4. Compute in progress 

After the initial event simulation has been started the "Progress" page is displayed.

5. Results 

Upon completion of the simulation run, the results are displayed in the Fire Event Editor