WaterSight - On-Premise Tools (On-Site Coordinator and SCADA Pusher)

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.
Area: Documentation


The On-Premise tools include the On-Site Coordinator and the SCADA Pusher (OFOSC) and are responsible to collect and transmit sensors data into OpenFlows WaterSight. The OFOSC is data agnostic, this means that can connect to any type of system, SCADA or non-SCADA (any other IOT devices), as long as it can accede the data through a database connection, OPC or Citect Sources.

The On-Premise tools need to be installed in a physical or virtual machine that has direct access to the sensors data sources. After installed, the tools will run in the background as a service, and they will collect and transmit the raw sensors data to Microsoft Azure Cloud, where they will be stored, processed and then used in OpenFlows WaterSight. 

Recommended Requirements

  • Machine where the On-Premise tools are installed need to have direct access to the sensors data sources
  • The On-Premise tools can connect directly to sensors databases (Excel, Access, ODBC, OLEDB, SQL Server, Oracle), to OPC Sources or Citect Sources.
  • The machine must be always running 24 hours/7 days. The On-Premise tools will run in the background as a service. If by any reason the machine restarts, the service will also automatically restart.
  • Windows 10 or a recent Windows Server should be installed in the machine
  • Recommended 8GB of RAM in the machine where the On-Premise tools are installed and running
  • No real diskspace required


Before installing the On-Premise tools, it is first required that a WaterGEMS model is already configured and connected to the sensors data sources. It is also required that the WaterGEMS model is able to access sensors data sources in the exactly same machine where the On-Premise tools will be installed (as it will be necessary to save a copy of that SQLite file inside the On-Premise tools folder).

For more information about how to create and configure SCADA elements in WaterGEMS, including how to connect with the data sources, please read this article (read the Setup, Data Sources and Assigning Data parts of the article).

After assuring that there is a WaterGEMS model with all the SCADA elements configured and connected to the data sources, the On-Premise tools can be installed.

To successfully run the On-Premise tools, a copy of that SQLite WaterGEMS model file needs to be saved inside the Models folder (one of the folders of the On-Premise tools) and other additional configurations need to be made in the ServiceSettings.ini file. In case there are doubts or changes/updates need to be made, please contact your Bentley point of contact.