How to visualize OpenFlows FLOOD output (.hdf5 files) in LumenRT?

Product(s): OpenFlowsTM FLOODTM
Version(s): 10.XX.XX.XX
Area: Reporting and Output


Can I visualize output files (.hdf5 format) from OpenFlows FLOOD in LumenRT?


OpenFlows FLOOD output files (.hdf5 format) can be opened directly in LumenRT. To load the .hdf5 file in LumenRT simply drag and drop the file into LumenRT. However, when loading the .hdf5 file, ensure that the reality mesh is already loaded in LumenRT. This will enable the results from OpenFlows FLOOD to be displayed over the reality mesh in LumenRT.

Currently, OpenFlows FLOOD outputs only generated by the MOHID Land engine (2D overland flow) can be directly opened in LumenRT. If you are simulating issues like coastal flooding due to tsunamis then you are using the MOHID Water engine (3D hydrodynamic model) then the output .hdf5 files cannot be directly opened in LumenRT. This is because the MOHID Water engine is a 3D hydrodynamic model, and its reference for a digital terrain model is "bathymetric" rather than "topographic". Also, some of the variables in the .hdf5 output file in such cases are written as 3D arrays and they need to be in 2D in order to be read correctly by LumenRT. There is a conversion tool which is needed to convert these 3D outputs so that they can be visualized in LumenRT.

Please contact Bentley Technical Support through the online forum or create a service request through this link to ask for the conversion tool.

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