Why don’t I see the results for the LID element (Low Impact Development control) in properties?

Product(s): Bentley SewerGEMS, CivilStorm
Version(s): V8i, Connect Edition
Area: Output and Reporting


Why don’t I see the results for the LID element, even though Detailed Results under output options in LID properties is selected?


To see the results like bottom infiltration, surface runoff etc. for LID control elements, first the Detailed Results option needs to be selected under output options and not Summary Results as below.


Still if you do not see results and only miscellaneous results are seen after computing the model then please try the following,

  1. Right-click/Graph the LID and select all fields under the “results” category.  You should see that the results are correctly graphed.
  2. Switch to the data tab.
  3. Notice that the results should be for an interval say 30-40 minutes minutes.  This is because of some settings in the calculation options.
  4. In the calculation options, change the following
    1. SWMM output increment = 1 min
    2. Use Variable time Step? = False
    3. SWMM Hydrologic increment = 1 min
    4. Dry Step = 1 min
  5. Recalculate the Scenario
  6. If you have the graph open and on the Data tab, it will automatically refresh so that results are shown at 1-minute intervals.

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