Viewing percentage of needed fire flow met as a result field

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD
Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
Area: Output and Reporting


Can I view results for available fire flow in terms of percentage (of needed fire flow) met, instead of just the available flow value?

E.g. if the fire flow needed is 1000 gpm, upper fire flow limit is 3500 gpm and fire flow available is 900 gpm in one case and in other case it is 500 gpm, in both cases the node will be considered as failed to supply the required fire flow. However, displaying the percent of needed fire flow met would make it easier for the modeler to understand and can be color coded in the model plan view. 


As of June, 2021, the percentage of fire flow met is currently not reported, but you can create a user data extension to accomplish this, which can be reported and color coded / annotated as well.

To do this, create the formula-based user data extension as shown below.

The user data extension created above can be seen in the junction and hydrant properties and flextables.

However the user data extension cannot be added to the fire flow report. But, you can create a shared flextable for junctions and/or hydrants where you can add the required columns like total fire flow available, needed, upper limit and the new user data extension: 

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