Unable to attach InRoads DTM as terrain model

Product(s): SewerGEMS, CivilStorm, StormCAD, SewerCAD
Version(s): 10.XX.XX.XX, 08.11.XX.XX
Area: Layout and Data Input


When using an InRoads DTM as a terrain the below error comes up;


The error message indicates to use the OpenFlows product (SewerGEMS / CivilStorm / StormCAD / SewerCAD) integrated with MicroStation to attach the InRoads DTM as terrain. If you are working on the MicroStation integrated platform (E.g. SewerGEMS for MicroStation) then you should be able to use InRoads DTM as a terrain model (View > Terrain Models).

Note that this works only with integration with V8i released MicroStation (upto Select Series 10). So, if you have integration of SewerGEMS with MicroStation SS10 (and lower versions too), this should work out for you. However, if you have SewerGEMS integrated with MicroStation CONNECT Edition (which is possible for storm-sewer products starting with version; this workflow is not possible. If you try attaching the InRoads DTM as terrain the below error comes up;

One possible workaround in such cases is to work in the standalone version of your product and convert the terrain model to some other format for attaching. Converting the InRoads DTM to a LandXML format is proven to be helpful in such cases and can help you use the terrain data.

However, OpenFlows products do not have capabilities to convert DTM data into other formats. To accomplish this you can refer to our Civil products such as OpenRoads Designer, MX, InRoads and GEOPAK. See the steps below for converting the InRoads DTM to LandXML;

1. Create Terrain from File and use the InRoads DTM to create terrain in OpenRoads Designer / MX / InRoads / GEOPAK.

2. Using the inbuilt export capabilities of these products, export the terrain to LandXML format.

3. Use this LandXML to attach as your terrain in our products.

See these informational videos of these Civil products for detailed steps to accomplish this;

Video: Importing and Exporting Terrain Models (InRoads, MX, GEOPAK)

Video : How to export terrain model to InRoads DTM (OpenRoads Designer)

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