Is it possible to use the various tools that are present in WaterGEMS through WaterObjects.NET?

Product(s): Bentley WaterCAD, WaterGEMS 
Version(s): V8 XM, V8i, CONNECT Edition
Area: Modeling


Is it possible to use the various tools that are present in WaterGEMS / WaterCAD through WaterObjects.NET?

E.g., Reverse pipe tool, Batch Morph, Batch Pipe Split etc.


WaterObjects.NET allows users with programming knowledge to extend the functionality of the product to suit their needs using .NET Framework.

But WaterGEMS tools like pipe reversal, batch pipe split or batch morph etc. can be complicated to use with WaterObjects.NET as they are tightly integrated into the UI which makes it difficult not to use them without the UI.

Reverse pipe tool

For reverse pipe you will need: ParentFormUIModel (for LayoutController), IDomainProject (for DomainDataSet), DomainManager (can get from LayoutController)

Batch Morph tool

Batch morph is similar to reverse pipe tool.  It will use the DomainManager to do the bulk of the work.  You will need the same required items listed for reverse tool above.  FeatureManager is also required but that can be retrieved from casting the ApplicationModel to IMappingApplicationModel.

The details of these above tools along with code to be used in WaterObjects.NET are discussed in the forum post.

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