This is WaterSight!

Did you ever wish everyone in your team could see all of your enterprise system data in one common dashboard environment (SCADA, GIS, hydraulic model, customer billing and more)?

Accessible anywhere, at any device, providing access to unlimited users? 

With such an easy and intuitive interface that can be used by everyone at the utility?

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could investigate the real-time performance for each asset using an embedded hydraulic model that is continually updated with boundary conditions from sensors? And simulate pipe breaks and understand pump hydraulic performance in near real time

What if you could detect anomalies in your water system and proactively prevent them from happening again in the future?

...and are you:

  • Planning to prioritize pipe replacements in your system because of limited budget, or because of funding from the new U.S. infrastructure bill?
  • Concerned about addressing water quality issues arising from tank performance?
    • Looking to save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing pump operations?
    • Needing to address water loss issues and perform non-revenue water audits to estimate lost revenue/water for the systems under your care?

      (And not to worry, our seasoned Digital Integration team can leverage your existing WaterGEMS model to jump start your implementation today.)

      These are just a few of the things you can do in WaterSight, Bentley’s water distribution system digital twin!

      WaterSight can serve unlimited users in your organization. Annual subscriptions are at affordable costs based on population served. Enterprise Public Sector subscriptions available too for fixed annual fee for all Bentley software use, so you have a predictable budget each year.  

      Interested? Contact or click here.

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