Windows 11 Compatibility for OpenFlows Products

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, StormCAD, CivilStorm, PondPack, FlowMaster, CulvertMaster, FLOOD
Version(s): CONNECT Edition
Area: Installation


Are the OpenFlows products compatible with Windows 11?


As of November, 2021, the currently available versions of the above products (for example 10.03.XX.XX) have not been officially certified with the Windows 11 Operating System. Basic testing has shown that these products should install and operate properly on Windows 11 but we cannot guarantee that you will not encounter any issues related to the Operating System. We are working on performing full testing and will release new versions with Windows 11 certification in the near future.

If the product will not launch, right-click on the program's executable file (C:\Program Files(x86)\Bentley\WaterGEMS\WaterGEM.exe for WaterGEMS) and look at the Properties dialog.  There should be a "Compatibility" tab and in that tab, set Compatibility Mode to Windows 8.  Then launch the program again and see if it will run in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode.

Earlier versions including V8i have not been tested and we cannot guarantee compatibility or stability.

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