Pipe Renewal Planner Vs OpenFlows WaterCAP

Product(s): Bentley WaterGEMS
Version(s): 08.11.XX.XX, Connect Edition
Area: Modeling


Asset management is essential for any project to increase the longevity of the components / assets used in the project, it will help in checking and increasing service levels / service reliability of several assets, to understand vulnerable parts of a system so they can be fixed before failure. It is required to have a proper capital planning of expenditure on project, to increase the life of existing assets, understanding the risks of failure of existing assets, accordingly you can plan for maintenance work by understanding it’s impact on existing system etc. With Bentley’s new OpenFlows WaterCAP solution, you can quantify risks and deterioration patterns and instantly evaluate the effect of different strategies to find the optimum approach for your project.

This technote will cover the differences between WaterGEMS tool – Pipe Renewal Planner and Bentley’s new OpenFlows WaterCAP solution.

Pipe Renewal Planner Vs OpenFlows WaterCAP

Pipe Renewal Planner tool is part a of WaterGEMS which covers a method to calculate a weighted score for each pipe based on user-defined aspects of the model. User defined aspects can be an aspect which is important for pipe and which can be calculated. Such as pipe capacity, possible pipe breaks, material etc. Pipe Renewal planner calculated weighted scores for these parameters which are highly dependent on available data and system conditions.

It will help in determining the impact of failure on system as a whole, which pipes are prone to fail / break which needs to be replaced or maintenance work needs to be carried out. along with existing fields, you can  add your own custom field for elements, to store any desired attribute. For example you could create a new "Condition" User Data Extension (UDX) for pipes, add it to the pipe Flextable and populate it with pipe condition. 

WaterCAP is a cloud-based product which can combine asset data, GIS, failure history data and model results into a single view of truth and decision making. It includes likelihood of failure analysis, consequence of failure analysis, risk calculation, and Planning. It can also combine risk with asset performance to drive high-quality decision. 

Both WaterCAP Pipe Renewal Planer main goals are to identify priority assets that should be rehabilitated, although there are some key characteristics within WaterCAP that are listed below: 

  • Cloud solution: 

             Accessible at any place (just need internet connection), in any device, with access to unlimited users. One common environment for everyone (no more version management); 

  • Easy interface for non-modelers: 

            Targeted to asset managers, it can also be used by modelers and other non-modelers experts; 

  • GIS based: 

            GIS data is required to start with WaterCAP project. Other data can be integrated such as work orders and hydraulic model results; 

  • Customizable queries: 

            Employing flexible and customizable rules, the user can create detailed queries across multiple datasets to support all of the various stakeholders involved in the capital planning efforts; 

  • Geospatial queries: 

            Proximity and intersection based queries (for example: proximity to highways or critical customers) 

  • Likelihood of failure and Consequence of failure: 

           Explicitly calculate likelihood and consequence of failure by considering any user defined aspect; 

  • Risk analysis 

           Combine likelihood and consequence of failure using a risk matrix. Create and compare multiple risk scenarios; 

  • Planning 

           Define and compare intervention plans based on risk and performance; 

  • Integration with OpenFlows WaterSight 

            Can be directly integrated as an additional module of OpenFlows WaterSight. For more information click here. 

Note : This article is written in January 2022, there might be changes in WaterCAP after this which will be updated later. 

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