WaterSight - Capital Planning

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.



Combine asset data, GIS, failure history data and performance results into a single view of truth and decision making. A scalable environment that enables you identify and prioritize assets for renewal, replacement, and other actions included in the Capital Planning.

Powered by a single water infrastructure digital twin, the application provides logical, multi-disciplinary prioritization tools, in parallel with the ability to perform multiple “what-if,” risk and planning scenarios. Employing flexible and customizable rules, you can create detailed queries across multiple datasets to support all of the various stakeholders involved in the capital planning efforts. 

Likelihood (LOF) and consequence of failure (COF) can be calculated for each asset based on user defined aspects or criteria. By combining LOF and COF for each asset, risk can be assessed and different risk scenarios can be compared. In the end, define your own action plans based on risk and/or asset performance. More details can be seen below.

Below you can find a short video with a demonstration:


The Capital Planning module is available within WaterSight, and can be accessed by clicking in the entry located in the left side menu of the application.


Likelihood of Failure / Consequence of failure

  • Define the aspects that can drive the likelihood of failure (LOF)
  • Define the consequences that can drive the consequence of failure (COF)
  • Logic based decision tree interface to easily create simple or more complex LOF and COF
  • Define the aspects or criteria that can drive LOF and COF by creating queries across multiple datasets using decision tree method
  • Define the aspects or criteria that can drive LOF and COF by creating pre-defined aspects (more automated method to rank pipes)
  • Attribute and geospatial (proximity and intersection) based queries
  • Create a LOF or COF by aggregating different aspects with different user defined weights
  • Define and customize LOF and COF grades
  • LOF and COF score calculation for each asset
  • Graphical and map display of the assets based on user defined LOF/COF grade
  • Export results to CSV 

Risk assessment

  • Combine LOF and COF using a risk matrix
  • Risk score calculation for each asset
  • Graphical and map display of the assets based on low, medium and high risk
  • Define and customize risk grade
  • Create different risk scenarios by combining different LOF, COF and risk grades
  • Side by side comparison of different risk scenarios (graphical and map display)
  • Export results to CSV


  • Define intervention plans based on risk and performance
  • Create and compare different intervention plans
  • Define different actions
  • Present map and graph visualizations to the different stakeholders
  • Display of any GIS layer imported in a background map

Easy administration

  • GIS data upload option
  • Manage users and access to cloud application
  • Refresh/modify links to external data
  • User-customizable reports with Power BI

Figure 1. Likelihood of failure page

Figure 2.Consequence of Failure page

Figure 3. Risk Assessment

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