What's New with HAMMER V8i SELECTseries 4?

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  Original Author: Scott Kampa, Bentley Technical Support Group


The SELECTseries 4 release of HAMMER V8i includes many new features and improvements. This technote explores each change.

-Support for Newer Platforms and Operating Systems
New Database File Format
-Support for Modulating PRV
-Improved Profile Selection
-Keyword search in property grid
-Copy/Paste Background Files
-Bentley DTM support in TRex
-File Drag and Drop
-Import/Export ModelBuilder Connection Properties
-Batch Node Morph
-Select within Current Selection Tool
-Pressure (Start) and Pressure (Stop) Results in Pipe Properties
-Bentley Standard Error Handler

Please see the video presentation on What's New in WaterGEMS/WaterCAD/HAMMER SELECTseries 4.

Support for Newer Platforms

Bentley HAMMER V8i SELECTSeries 4 now supports the following:

  • Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit)
  • AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit) 
  • Microstation V8i SELECTseries 3 (08.11.09.xx) and SELECTseries 2 (08.11.07.xx)
  • ArcGIS 10 SP5 and ArcGIS 10.1
  • ProjectWise V8i (builds 08.11.09.xx and 08.11.07.xx)

New Database File Format

Starting with the SELECTseries 4, HAMMER now uses SQLite to store property information (previously Microsoft Access Database (MDB) was used). There are some noticeable advantages with the SQLite database, such as:

  • Smaller database files (50% smaller than MDBs on average) 
  • Smaller deployment – SQLite’s library is less than 1 MB, compared to MDB’s which is 25MB+
  • Transparent cross-platform support (x86 and x64, and with no conflicts with other programs like MS Office
  • Generally faster than MDBs

The database extension for HAMMER will be *.wtg.sqlite 

Support for Modulating PRVs

With HAMMER V8i SELECTseries 4, a new PRV property field was included which enables HAMMER to adjust the valve opening during a transient analysis. When you set "Modulate Valve during Transient" to True, two new properties become active:  “Opening rate coefficient” and “Closure rate coefficient.” In general a value of 0.1 is a good starting point, but this setting is dependent on the valve itself.

With “Modulate Valve during Transient” set to True, the pressure across the PRV will drop more slowly as the PRV opens. As the PRV closes, the pressure will be higher than it would be if “Modulate Valve during Transient” was set to False. This is common of modulating PRVs in the field.

A TechNote is available that provides additional information on Modulating PRVs. 

Improved Profile Selection

Improvements have been added to the Profile Selection tool. Now you can select the first and last item along a path and the program will choose the shortest path between the two points and avoid all inactive elements. This can be particularly useful for cases where you have different scenarios where you are looking at various potential protective devices.

Keyword Search in Property Grid

Users can find the property they want quickly in the property grid using keyword search. To use this function, open the property grid for any element by either doubleclicking on the element or going to View > Properties. The new Property Search field is above the list of element properties. Simply start typing the word you are searching for and the property grid will dynamically update to show any property field that contains the phrase entered.

Recent searches are stored in the drop down selection. To clear the selection, click the Clear button beside the drop down.

Copy/Paste Background Files

A background file can be copied from one project to another (or within the same project). To use this option, right-click on a background file and choose Copy. To paste it into a new project, right-click on the Background Layer folder and choose Paste.


Bentley DTM support in TRex

In addition to previously supported file formats, the TRex tool in HAMMER now supports the Bentley DTM file format. This is available through the Data Source Type pulldown.


File Drag and Drop

A user can now open a file by dragging and dropping a model file into the HAMMER window. When a .wtg file is dragged and dropped, it will open up the model. However, when a database file (.wtg.sqlite) file is dropped, the database will be imported to a blank (new) project.

Import/Export ModelBuilder Connection Properties

With this new improvement, now a user can share the ModelBuilder connection definitions across computers, offices, etc. After exporting (or before importing) make sure to edit the exported XML file in Notepad since the data source location may not be the same for the other computer.

Batch Node Morph

A new Batch Morph dialog, found under the Tools pulldown, allows the user to morph selected nodes to a different type of node. For example, if a group of junctions needs to be morphed into hydrants then this tool can easily do the conversion. Undo is supported for smaller number of nodes, while a warning message will be generated for a larger selection.

Select within Current Selection Tool

This tool was added for cases when a user may need to select elements that are already in a current selection. This is available in number of places, including Queries, FlexTables, Selection Sets, and Scenario Comparison. To use this too, right-click on an existing queries, selection set, or other, and choose “Select within Current Selection.”

Pressure (Start) and Pressure (Stop) Results in Pipe Properties

Result fields for Pressure (Start) and Pressure (Stop) were added for the steady state or initial condition results in HAMMER. These fields are also available to add to the Pipe FlexTable.

Bentley Standard Error Handler

WaterGEMS now uses the Bentley Standard Error Handler window which has several advantages to previous error management systems such as:

•   Prompts the user for permission to send the crash report to Bentley
•   Transmits the “minidump” and “exception.log”
•   User can easily view the Stack Trace in Notepad

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