How to convert a TCV GPV or PBV to an Isolation Valve using Skelebrator

Product(s): WaterGEMS, HAMMER
Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
Area:  Modeling


Numerous valve node elements (such as TCV, GPV or PBV) were created when constructing a model, which actually represent isolation valves. How can these valves be converted to Isolation Valves associated with the pipe, to remove the complication and extra pipes associated with the TCV, GPV and PBVs?


The steps below will show how to convert TCV, GPV and PBVs to Isolation Valves:

1) Open up Skelebrator (Tools > Skelebrator Skeletonizer)
2) Right click on Inline Isolating Valve Replacement and click on Add Inline Isolation Valve Replacement
3) Put a check mark on TCVs, GPVs, or PBVs (depending on elements that you like to convert to)
4) [Optional] You may add some condition under Conditions tab.
5) [Optional] Click on preview button.
6) Either click on Manual or Automatic button.

NOTE: if you need to do this with FCVs, PRVs or PSVs, you can use the Batch Morph tool to convert then to TCVs first.

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