Can a KYPipe model be imported into WaterGEMS or WaterCAD?

Product(s): WaterCAD, WaterGEMS
Version(s): 10.00.XX.XX, 08.11.XX.XX
Area:  Layout and Data Input


How To:

Can a KYPipe model be imported into WaterGEMS or WaterCAD?


There is not a direct way of importing a KYPipe model in WaterCAD/WaterGEMS, but it is possible to import some older KYPipe formats into version 7.

Steps to Accomplish

Earlier versions

For versions below PIPE 2000, you would go to File > Import > Network inside WaterCAD or WaterGEMS V7. There are a number of choice to choose from, including KYPipe (.kyp), KYPipe 2 (.ky2), and KYPipe 3 (.dat) files. After selecting the option you want, choose OK. Next, browse to the file you want to import and select it. When you click Okay, the file will import into an untitled worksheet. You would then save the file into the WaterCAD/WaterGEMS V7 format, with a .WCD and .MDB file associated with it.

Next, you will need to import the file into WaterCAD/WaterGEMS V8i. To do this, open V8i and go to File > Import > WaterCAD/WaterGEMS database. Next, browse to the .MDB file created when you saved the imported model into the  V7 format. A file upgrade wizard will open that will import the database file into an untitled worksheet. Save the file and the model will then be in the V8i format.

Another option, if you have access to KYPIPE, is to export the model to the standard EPANET format. You can then import the .inp file into WaterCAD or WaterGEMS V8i via File > Import > EPANET.

PIPE 2000 and above

For Pipe2000 (.P2K file), there are two possible options:

1) Run a water quality analysis; an EPAnet file is generated. This file can be directly imported by selecting File > Import > EPANET.

2) Export the PIPE 2000 tables to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. Then set up a database connection to import this data into WaterCAD.

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