Attenuating Flow in PondPack v8i and CONNECT Edition

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  Product(s): PondPack
  Version(s): 08.11.01.XX, 10.00.00.XX
  Area:  Modeling
  Original Author: Dan Iannicelli, Bentley Technical Support Group


Where can I find the Translation option from PondPack version 10? How do I attenuate flow in my PondPack model?


The Add Link in PondPack version 10 (black line) needs to be modeled as a conduit in PondPack V8i, with the Type set to 'Virtual'. In version 10, two junctions could be connected without a conduit between using the add link element. This added up the hydrographs coming into the upstream junction and placed them directly to the downstream junction. Basically, there was no travel time or attenuation effects through the add link.

To attenuate a hydrograph, you need to use a conduit. Enter the geometry and roughness information and it will use the modified puls method to attenuate any hydrograph that travels through it (just like V10). To simply translate (assign a travel time), choose “Translation” for the “routing method” for a conduit, and enter the time.

Choosing “virtual” for the “conduit type” is the equivalent of the “add link” in version 10. In V10 you would draw an add link from the subarea to the next downstream point, to tell the program where the catchment runoff goes. In V8i, you just need to choose that downstream point as the catchment’s “outflow node”. Or, you can set the outflow node to a junction, with the conduit downstream of it set as “virtual”.

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