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Viewing a model on an i-Pad

I am considering purchasing an i-Pad and wished to find out if I could download a building model onto an ipad for viewing at meetings and on site. I have already found out that 3DPDF files do not work on an iPad and therefore I was pleased to heat that a Bentley Navigator application was available to allow the viewing of  i-models. I exported from BA, an i-model but then found out that this i-model needs to be optimised before it can be viewed on the iPad via Bentley Navigator application. From what I could find out this required another piece of software which I did not have.

Reading the ‘ ProjectWise i-model Packager, Product Preview v1.1’ I found a link to  I downloaded ( i-model Optimiser for iPad (beta)) I received the file pau01010001.exe and tried to install, however the installation failed with an error code 1622.

Have I downloaded the correct file and if so what does error code 1622 mean?

What else do I need to do to read a model on the iPad?

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  • Hi Alan,

    You have the correct download.  That error code corresponds to "Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and that you can write to it. "

    The installation log will be written to %TEMP%.  Please check and make that you have permissions to write to that directory and that the disk is not full.

    You will also need to have a host product (Microstation or i-model Composer) installed before you can install the i-model Optimizer tool.  Once you have an optimized i-model (.omim) all you need to view it is the Navigator for iPad app.


  • In reply to Mark Dane:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the quick reply, I have typed %TEMP% unto search and have the following directory C:\Users\Alan-Workstation\AppData\Local\Temp within this directory is a Bentley directory containing a Microstation and AECOsimBuilding Designer folders. Is the directory you are referring to?

    My disk is not full and as far as I am aware I have full permissions on my machine, I am logged in as administrator. I am not sure what to do from here to resolve the problem.

    I have microstation installed on my machine.

    Regards Alan

  • In reply to Alan Hutson:

    Hi Alan,

    Please try these steps:

    1. Check that you are able to create text file (or any other file type) in the %TEMP% folder to verify that it is not a space/permissions issue.

    2. Enable logging for Windows Installer

    3. Remove files from %TEMP%.  Some may not be able to be deleted if they are in use.  That is ok.  It might not also hurt to clean out C:\Windows\Temp if that is full.

    4. Reboot

    5. Try to install i-model Optimizer again

    6. See if a *.PanoPatch.log file is created in the %TEMP% directory.  That may provide some clues as to what is wrong

  • In reply to Mark Dane:

    Hi Mark,

    I am also having trouble with installing i-model optimizer and get a 1642 error code. I use MS SS3 and i-model composer SS4. Could it be possible that it is not compatible with the newest Bentley product?

    Anyway, I saw somewhere that the commercial release for i-model optimizer will be sometime spring 2012. Can you confirm that it will be released soon?

    Thanks you!

  • In reply to StevenV:

    i-model Optimizer 1.1 will not work with Microstation SS3 and i-model Composer SS4.  The 1.2 version is planned for release soon.  1.2 will work with SS4 as well as add new features.

  • In reply to Mark Dane:

    Thank you Mark!

    Looking forward the new release.

  • In reply to StevenV:

    What work flow would you use for AECOSIM to export to the Pano Viewer?

    It looks like AECOSIM can't be used to author from so I assume that means using i-model composer? Is that correct?

  • In reply to rklaschka:

    Current version of i-model Optimizer for iPAD can be installed only over MicroStation or Bentley i-model Composer.

    Robert, I think you already got answer. I have looked at other topic:



  • In reply to Darius Rimasauskas:

    Yup thats right I am using composer - its working nicely. I'd still like an answer to my luxology overlay for the i-pad app question.


  • In reply to rklaschka:

    Related question for Darius, is Navigator Mobile intended as a replacement or companion to Pano Viewer?



  • In reply to Marc Thomas:


    Navigator Mobile is more of an alternative than anything else to Pano Viewer.  Navigator Mobile is a true 3D interactive environment where the user can navigate freely through the model as oppose to predefined viewing areas.  With this freedom comes a bit more experience of navigating in 3D which not all people can easily pickup.  For the people that find walking tools too difficult the Pano Viewer is the right fit for them as it has a minimal learning curve.  Which app to use depends upon the person and there comfort level with gaming or other 3D apps.  We expect the primary app will be Navigator Mobile but Pano Viewer still has its place for certain users.

  • In reply to Joe Granville:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for that explanation.

    Rotate and zoom are very intuitive, the walk tools take a little more practice, my sons keep saying I should do more gaming!

    The Navigator Mobile Publisher is certainly easy to use!

    Is a windows 8 or Android version on the way soon?



  • In reply to Marc Thomas:

    Yes, in the near future, i don't have a specific date yet, we will have Android and Windows 8 versions available.

  • In reply to Joe Granville:

    Do I understand correctly that there is 'i-models' and 'mobile i-models'?

    So I first produce an i-model, then use the 'Navigator mobile publisher' to produce a 'mobile i-model' ?

    I tried the link Download Navigator Mobile Publisher - but got nowhere ? Only to a page asking to enter an email address. Then nothing happened.

    regards / Thomas Voghera

  • In reply to Thomas Voghera:

    Hi Thomas,
    You are correct that you need to publish your i-model into a mobile version called mobile i-model using the iWare application Navigator Mobile Publisher. For more information on why there are i-models and mobile i-models please read Keith Bentley's post on the subject mobile i-models the secret sauce for bentley's mobile apps.
    I'm sorry to hear you are having problems downloading the publisher application. You are following the correct steps as you need to register before you can download the application. Once you have successfully login a dialog should appear asking you to save or run the installer. If you are having problems make sure you do not have any settings enabled in your browser which could block the download of a file.

  • In reply to Joe Granville:


    I should be logged in as I can write here. And the first page salutes me with my name.

    But the GO-button sends me to

    Am I missing something on that page?

    regards / Thomas Voghera

  • In reply to Thomas Voghera:

    Hmmm... I am not seeing that. Here is what I am doing:

    1. Go to
    2. Click the Download button
    3. A new page renders, click the Go button
    4. A new page renders, click the Download button
    5. Prompted to download the MSI file with the Navigator Mobile Publisher install set in it.

    Are you seeing something different?


  • In reply to Phil Chouinard:

    A restart of computer, which I perhaps should do more often, and another browser, did the trick. isn't always working nice in Opera.

    regards / Thomas Voghera

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