• ASP.NET Access Denied

    Have you ever received a services alert message when opening the Administrative Website saying that the Bentley SELECTServer service was not running? Upon attempting  to start the service(s) you received an ASP.NET Access Denied error message? Ever wonder why this happens and what can be done about it?
    This happens because the ASP.NET account does not have the correct permissions to access the Bentley SELECTServer…
    • Mon, Sep 27 2010
  • Updating your SELECTServer application is EASY!

    At some time all software requires an update to add features and enhancements or to address current technical issues. This information does not apply to those of you that have implemented the HOSTED (installed on a Bentley server) option. Bentley’s internal support team handles the software upgrade and maintenance of the HOSTED server so you don’t have to take any action!  This remains the most efficient way…
    • Fri, Sep 17 2010
  • Bentley PowerCivil vs. PowerCivil for {Countries}

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the new Licensing Technical Support Team blog! This is the space where we are going to provide valuable information regarding our products and their licensing architecture. Stay tuned to this space for more information in the coming weeks!

    First on the list of discussion is the Bentley PowerCivil vs. PowerCivil for {Countries}. There is a brand-new technote for this issue that discusses…

    • Fri, Sep 10 2010
  • SELECTserver Auto-Restart after reboot

    Tired of your SELECTserver not restarting after reboot?  Try setting a Dependancy on your SQL Server Service.  It's easier than you think!

    Here's what you do...

    Find the name of the service for SQL Server on the machine.

    Typically it's MSSQL$SELECTSERVER.

    Then Log on to the SELECTserver machine as a system administrator and type the following in the command prompt:

    sc config “Bentley SELECT Server…

    • Thu, Sep 9 2010
  • SELECTserver Help File

    Have you ever wanted to perform a task or configure a process for SELECTserver but didn’t know how? Wished there were instructions available that were easily accessible? Don’t have time to call technical support or scour the Bentley Website to find quick answers? Well, for most SELECTserver administrators, this probably happens a lot. A great resource for both technical and non-technical topics can be found in the SELECTserver…
    • Fri, Sep 3 2010