• New version of SELECTserver Available Now!!

    In case you were wondering; there’s a new release of SELECTserver available for download on the SELECTservices Web site. The latest version of SELECTserver V8i

    (ver. was posted on 12/16/2010 to address common issues seen by our users. There now includes the ability to choose a Web site for the installation of the SELECTserver administration site. Previously, SELECTserver was automatically installed…

    • Thu, Jan 20 2011
  • Bringing in the money using the Bentley Hosted Server!!!

    Let’s face it, projects are where the money's at,  NOT administration! So why waste time worrying about whether or not your Server is up and running and if your Bentley licenses are available and get right to work, designing the future, and bringing in the big bucks while utilizing the Bentley Hosted Server. 
    What is a Hosted license and what are the advantages of using the Bentley Hosted Server?

    Hosted Licensing…

    • Fri, Jan 14 2011