Bedrock.Redistributable Error when opening the SELECTServer Administration Site

Upgrading your software is always a great way to be in the forefront of the technology spectrum, using the latest and greatest applications.  Upgrading can however be a frustrating experience if the proper steps are not performed correctly.  Whenever you upgrade software it is always a best practice to uninstall the current version before installing the upgrade.  Specifically with the Bentley SELECTServer, if an uninstall is not performed, prior to installing the updated version, a message will appear when the SELECTServer Administration Site is opened for the first time.  This message is a BSS\Application Bedrock.Redistributable error, and if you experience this error you will not be able to move forward with the Post Installation Configuration of the SELECTServer.  To remedy the error simply uninstall all versions of SELECTServer on the designated machine and install only the latest version.