Bringing in the money using the Bentley Hosted Server!!!

Let’s face it, projects are where the money's at,  NOT administration! So why waste time worrying about whether or not your Server is up and running and if your Bentley licenses are available and get right to work, designing the future, and bringing in the big bucks while utilizing the Bentley Hosted Server. 

What is a Hosted license and what are the advantages of using the Bentley Hosted Server?

Hosted Licensing Services allow your licenses to be stored on a server at Bentley. It offers the same pooled licenses and usage reporting as an "in-house" SELECTserver but does not require the same hardware, software or personnel investment. The requirements for desktop connectivity of V8 XM Edition and V8i applications are no different for hosted licensing than for SELECTserver.  When using the Hosted Solution, There is no need for a database and all reports can be viewed within the SELECTServer Administration site at  . With the hosted option Usage Logs are transmitted behind the scenes and the only thing required by the user is to connect to the internet once every 30 days. If the user is away from the Internet for more than 30 days a License for the products being used can be checked out via the product or via the Administration Site (for XM and V8i products only).


The Bottom Line:


The easiest and fasted way to license your Bentley Products is by using the Bentley Hosted SELECTServer. The great thing about the Hosted Server is that it does not require you to be logged into your company’s domain. Simply find a WiFi network and you can be working on your Drafting Projects anywhere in the world. The Hosted SELECTServer is FREE software with a SELECT Subscription and entitles you to full Technical Support.


Still not convinced the Hosted Server is the way to go for licensing your Bentley Products?  Feel free to contact anyone at Bentley Systems by calling 1-800 BENTLEY and feel free to ask any questions.  Now’s the time to stop spending money on servers and start making money drafting the infrastructure of the future. Call Bentley Technical Support, switch to Bentley Hosted, and get ready for the easiest Bentley Licensing Solution available!