Changing the Time SELECTserver - Windows Services Run

Did you know that you can change the time when the SELECTserver - Windows Services run? These services are made up of four individual modules, each performing specific roles. These services are setup to run each night at midnight by default.

SELECTserver - Windows Services:

Data Update Service: Responsible for updating the Server license file.
Usage Log Processing Service: Calculates Peak Daily Usages and prepares the data for posting to Bentley.
Usage Log Posting Service: Prepares and posts usage logs to the Bentley Web Service.
Notification Service: Send notifications of over usages and communications errors.

Common services ERRORS are caused from data access conflicts with other processes. A possible scenario is when a SQL Server database backup prevents the service from accessing the SELECTserver database. A good practice is to review the Event Viewer logs to determine if the ERROR is a data access issue. If this is the case, you could easily change the time that the SELECTserver - WindowsServices run. This can easily be done from the Windows Services setup under Server Settings in the Administrative Site.