Data Update Service Error 10026

You may have recently noticed ERRORS relating to the DataUpdate service failing with Error Code 10026 - Could not update the support path information. Our development team has looked into this and has found a problem with the licensing web service. The Data Update is updating correctly but displaying a false error. This will not cause any licensing issues from the SELECTServer, you will be able to activate products as usual. The ERRORS can be ignored at this time. Development is currently working on resolving this issue as soon as possible.

Error From SS-DtaUpdateService.log file
09-25-12 07:12:01 INFO - DataUpdateService - Updating Support Paths
09-25-12 07:12:02 ERROR - DataUpdateService - Error Getting Support
Paths - Error Number: 4 Error Message:
09-25-12 07:12:02 ERROR -
DataUpdateService - Service Process Returned Error Code# -10026 - Could not
update the support path information.