Microsoft Visual C++ Run Time Error when running the License Management Tool

Bentley products rely on a lot of Microsoft applications to run correctly.  The License Management Tool is a Bentley product that is used with every Bentley product starting with version through the present.  The License Management Tool also serves as a Gateway to license pre-XM legacy products such as MicroStation J (version 7) or MicroStation V8 2004 edition.  A common error with the License Management Tool is a Microsoft Visual C++ Run Time error.  If this error occurs running the following will remedy the error.

1.       Choose the “Start Menu”

2.       Within the Start Menu choose “Run”

3.       In the “Run” Field type in regsvr32 msxml4.dll

4.       Click “Ok”

5.       Reboot your machine

You have now registered the msxml4.dll with your machine and the License Management Tool will now work.