MicroStation Extensions Licensing Update

As a continuing benefit of Bentley SELECT, subscribers using SELECTserver are able to use any one or more of the MicroStation Extensions (TriForma, GeoGraphics, Schematics, Modeler, CivilPak, PDF Composer). 

However, beginning 2011 Bentley is no longer able to provide licensing for MicroStation Extensions to users who are not active SELECT subscribers utilizing SELECTserver licensing. Utilizing SELECTserver licensing will enable continued use of MicroStation and the associated extensions in the versions currently in use. Please contact Bentley Technical Support if you need to migrate to SELECTserver licensing.

Without SELECTserver licensing, an upgrade to the equivalent V8i product is needed. Please contact a sales representative to find out more about the SELECT program or the appropriate product upgrade.


The Bentley SELECTserver Team  

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