New version of SELECTserver Available Now!!

In case you were wondering; there’s a new release of SELECTserver available for download on the SELECTservices Web site. The latest version of SELECTserver V8i

(ver. was posted on 12/16/2010 to address common issues seen by our users. There now includes the ability to choose a Web site for the installation of the SELECTserver administration site. Previously, SELECTserver was automatically installed to the Default Web site, this caused problems when IIS was configured with multiple Web sites. Also, there’s a dependency added between the Bentley SELECTserver service and SQL Server. This was added to help eliminate the problem with the SELECTserver service not restarting after the server has been rebooted. Because of these changes, the Server is now required to be restarted after the installation process.