No license usages were found to match your request

If you are running any pre-XM Bentley products such as Microstation J (V7) or Microstation V8 2004 edition, you may occasionally receive the message "No license usages were found to match your request". This does not necessarily mean that you do not have a license or that your license is expired, but rather that your Gateway needs to re-sync with your server. If you receive this message simply go to the machine where the Gateway is installed and open the License Management tool. Depending on which version of the License Management Tool you are running will depend where the tool resides. It will either be located at Start|Programs|Bentley|SELECTServer|License Management Tool or in the SELECTServer directory within Windows Explorer C:\program files\Bentley\SELECTServer (Please note that this is the default location and may differ if you have chosen to install SELECTServer to a different drive or directory). Once the tool is opened, Choose "Tools" then "Send Logs Now". A new window will appear with a light that flashes back and forth and then disappear. Once this window disappears, you can go back to the client machine and try reopening Microstation. This should work without error, however if the error persists, please contact Bentley Technical Support.