Passport Usage and Calculation

For most Bentley products, usage is machine based as described in an earlier post.  A Client Access License, known as passport allows an individual user to gain access to server applications.  Passports are not poolable, each individual user is required to have a passport allocated to them in order to access any server application(s).  SELECTserver takes care of the allocation by attributing all future usage of any passport client to a username once the user records their first use of a passport client.  The passport allocation duration is the term of the passport license.  Accordingly, once a user accesses any of the clients licensed by a passport, they are able to use any additional clients as often as needed for the remainder of the passport license term (this is equivalent to the term of the SELELCT agreement).  The initial usage recorded by the passport covers all their future use until the end of the license term.  Currently Bentley offers two passports, the ProjectWise Passport and the AssetWise Passport.

If we continue with the “bucket” example from the other post, we no longer have an array of buckets, but simply 1 bucket.

SELECT agreement

Every time a new user logs usage of a passport client, a usage for that user is placed into the bucket.  Usage is cumulative over the duration of the agreement.  Once a usage has been logged for a particular user, that user may access any passport client supported by the passport as often as needed for the duration of the agreement.

Steven DeVoll, M.S.