Product Activation: Offline mode

During product activation, the license provides an activation period to define a timeframe in which a product can be used offline even when it’s not connected to the license server. Once the product is activated, it must post its usage at least once before the activation period expires. In most cases, this would be 30 days. But as long as usage is posted, the activation will be renewed.

Offline mode can occur when an application has been disconnected from SELECTserver for more than 2 days but less than the activation period. When this happens, a prompt will show stating that the product is running in “TRIAL MODE” and has 29 days remaining until expired.


An application can run in offline mode if its license server cannot be found. The application will run as if activated, providing more than enough time to resolve any unintended disconnection. When receiving the offline mode message it does not necessarily mean that there's a problem but for the moment the client was “unable” to connect to the server. There may be an intermittent network issue or the SELECTServer was simply not available during that time. This could happen for multiple reasons but the concern would be the occurrence over a consistent time period. The design of "TRUST" Licensing is for the client to attempt to communicate everyday with its server. With that said it is “mandatory” that this process completes at least once every thirty (30) days. A failure of a day or two followed by proper connection does not require any action.  If you are seeing the offline mode message for 4 days or longer, than there may actually be a Network or server issue that needs some attention. It is recommended that you contact Bentley SELECTserver Technical for additional assistance.