SELECTServer: Accessing the Database

Warning: Making these changes can cause serious, system-wide problems within your environment. Do not make these changes unless you are confident with these steps and understand the impact to your system and other applications running on it.

The SELECTserver application should be looked at as two parts working in a very close proximity to each other.  These parts are the SELECTserver Interface and the Microsoft SQL database.  The SELECTserver Interface allows interaction and management of the SELECTserver application. The SQL Database stores your actual licensing and usage information. The utility that allows these two pieces to connect is call the “Bentley SELECTserver Database Setup utility” or the (DSU). As a Technical Support Analyst at least once a week I receive a phone call stating that the user is seeing an error similar to the following when attempting to communicate with the Database or just opening the Administration Site page.


The specified connection username or password is invalid


There is a simple “username” and “password” within this utility configuration that controls this connection. During a standard installation where the SELECTserver application is delivering the SQL Express application the default “username” is always “sa” for System Administrator. There is no default “password”. The password is decided by the installing Administrator and for the record “and very obvious reasons” is “not” transferred to Bentley Systems. In other instances where SQL Express is not being implemented but the company’s own fully developed SQL Database or SQL Enterprise the “username” and “password” would be provided by the SQL Database Administrator (DBA). Many times the DBA wants to limit the rights given to the user when accessing the database. There are only a couple of facts to consider.


·         The Database setup utility requires a user with administrative rights on the SQL Server in order to create the required tables and stored procedures.


·         A user with some limiting configurations like a Database Owner (DBO) will not be able to complete these tasks.


·         However once the SELECTserver application is running, you only need to have select, insert and delete rights to the database. If you do not want the SELECT Server application processes to run as the SQL Admin account, uncheck the “Use the same user as above” check box and enter the desired “username” and “password” in the fields provided


Getting back to the error this simply means that the credentials being provided and not correct. Technical Support will not be able to provide that information. As usual I always recommend taking notes on any installation process and documenting the steps and procedures taken to complete the task. This information is proven valuable in many troubleshooting situations and would be a time saving device in any remedial maintenance process. In an absolute “worst case scenario” a “new” instance of SQL server can be implemented. The process of creating that new instance will require providing new access information “username” and “password” that can be entered into the DSU to allow the SELECTserver application to communicate properly with the Database.