SELECTserver Help File

Have you ever wanted to perform a task or configure a process for SELECTserver but didn’t know how? Wished there were instructions available that were easily accessible? Don’t have time to call technical support or scour the Bentley Website to find quick answers? Well, for most SELECTserver administrators, this probably happens a lot. A great resource for both technical and non-technical topics can be found in the SELECTserver help file.The help file covers a wide range of topics from product installation to license management and everything in between including general administration, access restrictions, usage reporting, and site configuration. This easy to use intuitive help file is a great place to go to first since it covers many common topics for SELECTserver.



If using SELECTserver OnLine, the help file can be accessed by logging into administrator permission required) and going to Help>Index.


If using a locally deployed SELECTserver, the help file can be located in the BentleyDownloads folder once the program is extracted.  This file can be very useful during the initial installation process because it includes the system requirements and step by step screenshots of the install process.  You can also access the help file from the SELECTserver Administration Page after installation.