SELECTServer Knowledge Requirements

Warning: Making these changes can cause serious, system-wide problems within your environment. Do not make these changes unless you are confident with these steps and understand the impact to your system and other applications running on it.

The Licensing concept comes down to three basic principles;


·         Access,

·         What did you ask for?

·         What does the server have to deliver?


In the Server – Client relationship the client needs to be able to access the server and request some form of information. The Server must in turn actually have the requested information and the ability to access the client and deliver that information.


The configuration for licensing can be done in two separate configurations HOSTED, [running on a Bentley supported server] or DEPLOYED, [installed and running on the user’s in-house server]. Besides the physical location of the server the major differences between these two approaches are the requirements responsibilities. The SELECTserver Technical Requirements depend on many pieces of Microsoft technology such as Microsoft Internet information Services (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft ASP.NET. In the HOSTED environment the responsibilities of implementing, configuring and maintaining these dependencies are the responsibility of Bentley Systems relieving the end user of the hardware, software and personnel investment. When using the DEPLOYED configuration you are implementing the SELECTServer application directly into your environment. The responsibility of implementing the technical requirements will be managed by the local administrator (not by Bentley Systems. Inc.). To assist in ensuring that the administrators can adequately prepare for deployment I have recently posted a Technical Note Deployed SELECTserver Knowledge Requirements that discuss the basic skill sets necessary to deploy and maintain a SELECTserver installation.