Updating your SELECTServer application is EASY!

At some time all software requires an update to add features and enhancements or to address current technical issues. This information does not apply to those of you that have implemented the HOSTED (installed on a Bentley server) option. Bentley’s internal support team handles the software upgrade and maintenance of the HOSTED server so you don’t have to take any action!  This remains the most efficient way of managing your licenses.  Use this link for more information on the Advantages of the Hosted Option, or contact our Licensing department through our Technical Support groups.
For those of you who have implemented the DEPLOYED (installed on your server) option the upgrading of the SELECTserver application is a relatively simple process. First of all the Site Administrator will need to obtain and save the current release of the application from our Software Downloads site. Your previously provided “username” and password” will be needed. The most important rules for this updating process is below.

·         You must uninstall the previous version of the SELECTserver application!

Standard removal by using the ADD\REMOVE programs utility will do the job.

·         If asked if you want to remove the registry keys and configurations the answer is NO.

You want to remove the SELECTserver application but it is basically the top end interface. The residual registry keys and configurations will be used during the installation of the updated SELECTserver application.
The SQL database and its user configurations remained untouched. There is no need to remove or edit any database items, configurations, or users. The SELECTserver application itself will make any necessary database changes.
Once the older version is removed run the saved executable to install the updated SELECTserver version. It will find the residual registry information and AUTO CONFIGURE the application. In general the entire process takes about ten (10) minutes to complete. There is an “Upgrading to SELECTserver” technical note that will be updated periodically through the SELECTserver application’s life cycle that is available to you and of course Bentley’s Technical support staff is always ready to assist you.