Use the Hosted Server?!?! What if I lose Internet connection?!

Recently the Bentley Hosted SELECTserver has been receiving a lot of attention. Using Bentley products without having to manage a server sounds too good to be true, but the truth is, it is the way to go!!!  Let’s go over all the great things the Bentley Hosted SELECTserver has to offer. There is no need for a Server, no need for a Database, there are no SELECTserver errors, and there is no Maintenance required, and you can still manage your Site using!  There is, however, one lingering concern...

What happens if my Internet access goes down?

SELECTserver is a web based application. So whether you are deploying a SELECTserver at your location or using the Bentley Hosted SELECTserver, if the Internet goes down, you will be in the same issue whichever method you choose. That may not initially build much confidence, but there is good news!

All Bentley products are designed to work for 30 days in disconnect mode! If your Internet access is disrupted, you will not be production down! Once internet is restored, your products will automatically be restored to Activated Mode instead of Disconnect Mode.  

The only question now would be, why are you not using the Bentley Hosted SELECTserver?  With zero maintenance and features like Disconnect mode, what’s not to love about the Bentley Hosted SELECTserver? Contact Bentley today, start taking advantage of the Bentley Hosted SELECTserver, and say goodbye to all the disadvantages of the Bentley Deployed SELECTserver.