• Checkout expiration Date limitation

    I could not get the drop down calendar to show past the 18th?  Please see the attached jpg file.

    I have to type in when I want more than a few days?

    • Thu, May 16 2019
  • Checkout license

    I need to check out a license.  I am using the Bentley Licensing Tool.  I see the word "checkout" in the tab in in the "checkout License" pane.  When I tried to search for instructions on how to check out a license I put "checkout" in the search bar.  This came up blank.  How about putting the #checkout on the checkout document as a tag so it can be found by the search engine?

    Where is the document…

    • Thu, May 16 2019
  • SELECTserver 9.1: Updated OS and SQL compatibility for deployed users

    Some of you may have noticed that a new version of SELECTserver has been posted in the Software Fulfillment Center for use on deployed license servers. This article is intended to explain what changed, who should upgrade, and why a move to Bentley's hosted SELECTserver is still recommended long-term.

    What has changed?

    Client usage reporting issue for V8i and CONNECT edition products

    An issue affecting the ability…

    • Tue, Sep 13 2016
  • 체크아웃한 라이선스만 사용하도록 제한할 수 있습니까?

    제품 활성화 마법사 Product Activation Wizard나 라이선스 관리 도구 License Management Tool을 사용하여 SELECT서버에서 프로그램을 활성화할 때 체크아웃된 라이선스만 가능하도록 하는 방법입니다. , 이 기사는 분기라이선스 청구를 피하도록 사용량을 제한하는 방법을 설명하지는 못합니다. 분기라이선스를 피하는 것에 대해서는 이 기사를 참조하십시오. 


    SELECTserver는 디폴트로 사용자 워크스테이션에서 전달받은 사용량을 받아들이도록 구성되어 있습니다. 워크스테이션은 대체로 통신이 가능하면 하루에 한번 사용량을 전송합니다. 이 시스템은 SELECTserver와 실시간 통신이 필수가 아니므로 라이선스가 있는지 여부를 확인하지 않고 접근을 제공합니다. 결과적으로, 라이선스 과사용 문제가 나옵니다. 라이선스…

    • Thu, May 26 2016
  • 사용자 지정 그룹 라이선스

    사용자 지정 그룹이란?

    사용자 지정 그룹이란 회사에 제공된 주 사이트 활성화 키 대신 사용자들에게 제공하는 사이트 활성화 키입니다. 사용자 지정 그룹은 SELECT 계약으로 제공되는 라이선스 집합으로부터 제품과 만기일을 지정하여 만들게 됩니다.

    사용자 지정 그룹을 활용하여 사이트의 하부 부서별로 다양한 목적의 그룹에 배포하고 그에 따른 사용량 추적도 가능합니다. 사용자 지정그룹의 애플리케이션 사용량은 키가 만들어진 회사 사이트에 기록되어, SELECTserver 인터페이스에서 사용량 데이터를 볼 때 활용할 수 있는 리포트가 여럿 있습니다.

    사용자 지정 그룹은 누가 사용할 수 있습니까?

    주로, 사용자 지정 그룹은 라이선스 집합을 공유하는 부서가 하나 이상이고, 각 그룹별로 애플리케이션을 제한하고자 할 때 활용합니다. 그러나, 사용자 지정 그룹은…

    • Thu, May 26 2016
  • Understanding, Monitoring and Managing Usage

    Recently, we have received a lot of questions about how license usage is calculated and how to limit license usage on SELECTserver. Many of the answers to these questions are already available on Bentley.com and Be Communities, but it can be difficult to piece together the various tidbits of information to get a good look at the big picture.

    How Usage Is Calculated
    Bentley's Licensing Program Manager Steven DeVoll posted…

    • Tue, Oct 1 2013
  • Configure Product Activation using Group Policy or the Licensetoolcmd

    The supported methods to bulk configure product activation is either utilize Microsoft’s Group Policy, GPO or the utility, Licensetoolcmd.exe.  Sometimes it is tempting to configure systems with a scrip or to push a registry settings to a accomplish this. Do to the complexity of the registry, and where we store settings based on the users rights (admin or not) and the user access control level, UAC and  what operating…

    • Mon, Jul 22 2013
  • Database Maintenance

    Database Maintenance

    Bentley’s enterprise applications such as ProjectWise, eB, and SELECTserver, just to name a few, are database centric. Although these applications utilize databases, their maintenance and implementation are not controlled by the Bentley applications. Database Servers are just like any other machine, they require maintenance.  It’s especially important to develop a maintenance plan for…

    • Wed, May 22 2013
  • Passport Usage and Calculation

    For most Bentley products, usage is machine based as described in an earlier post.  A Client Access License, known as passport allows an individual user to gain access to server applications.  Passports are not poolable, each individual user is required to have a passport allocated to them in order to access any server application(s).  SELECTserver takes care of the allocation by attributing all future usage of any passport…

    • Thu, Apr 25 2013
  • Data Update Service Error 10026

    You may have recently noticed ERRORS relating to the DataUpdate service failing with Error Code 10026 - Could not update the support path information. Our development team has looked into this and has found a problem with the licensing web service. The Data Update is updating correctly but displaying a false error. This will not cause any licensing issues from the SELECTServer, you will be able to activate products as…

    • Fri, Sep 28 2012
  • Server Error when opening the SELECTServer Administrative Website

    When attempting to navigate to the SELECTServer Administrative website you may see the following error: Server Error in '/BSS' Application. If you're currently running a 64-bit Server and have installed the 64-bit SELECTServer application, you will want to verify that the SELECTServer Application Pool is configured to run in 64-bit mode. To check this in IIS 7.xx, open (IIS Manager) Internet Information Services…

    • Fri, Aug 24 2012
  • MicroStation Extensions Licensing Update

    As a continuing benefit of Bentley SELECT, subscribers using SELECTserver are able to use any one or more of the MicroStation Extensions (TriForma, GeoGraphics, Schematics, Modeler, CivilPak, PDF Composer). 

    However, beginning 2011 Bentley is no longer able...

    • Fri, Jul 27 2012
  • Cannot open database requested by the login. The Login Failed for user 'sa'. Server is in "Single User" mode.

    When attempting to start the SELECTserver service you may receive following Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly. The SELECTserver Administrative site, you may receive error: Server Error in '/BSS' Application. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    The Server logs and Database Setup Utility may show Errors: Cannot open database requested by the login. The Login Failed for user 'sa'…

    • Thu, Jun 30 2011
  • Error 1068: Windows could not start the Bentley SELECTserver service on local Computer. The dependency service or group failed to start

    When attempting to “Start” the Bentley SELECTserver service, you may receive the following message:
    "Error 1068: Windows could not start the Bentley SELECTserver service on local Computer. The dependency service or group failed to start".

    This typically happens when the SELECTserver service has dependencies listed which are not started. This can occur when upgrading the SELECTserver while having multiple…

    • Thu, Jun 30 2011
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express

    The Bentley SELECTserver application comes bundled with SQL Server 2005 Express edition for use with the SELECTserver database. There may come a time when administrators will need to manage the SELECTserver database by performing common tasks such as Backups and Restores. These processes can be performed using the command line tool called SQLCMD or OSQL, but there's an easier way.

    Microsoft offers a free download…

    • Thu, Apr 14 2011
  • No license usages were found to match your request

    If you are running any pre-XM Bentley products such as Microstation J (V7) or Microstation V8 2004 edition, you may occasionally receive the message "No license usages were found to match your request". This does not necessarily mean that you do not have a license or that your license is expired, but rather that your Gateway needs to re-sync with your server. If you receive this message simply go to the machine where…

    • Fri, Mar 18 2011
  • SELECTserver Admin Site - "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable"

    Have you ever clicked on the shortcut to run the SELECTserver Administration Site only to see it run the Windows Installer? During this process you may eventually receive a message stating "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'SELECTserver.MSI' in the box below. In some cases…
    • Thu, Mar 3 2011
  • Use the Hosted Server?!?! What if I lose Internet connection?!

    Recently the Bentley Hosted SELECTserver has been receiving a lot of attention. Using Bentley products without having to manage a server sounds too good to be true, but the truth is, it is the way to go!!!  Let’s go over all the great things the Bentley Hosted SELECTserver has to offer. There is no need for a Server, no need for a Database, there are no SELECTserver errors, and there is no Maintenance required, and you…

    • Thu, Feb 24 2011
  • SELECTServer: Accessing the Database

    Warning: Making these changes can cause serious, system-wide problems within your environment. Do not make these changes unless you are confident with these steps and understand the impact to your system and other applications running on it.
    The SELECTserver application should be looked at as two parts working in a very close proximity to each other.  These parts are the SELECTserver Interface and the Microsoft SQL database…
    • Mon, Feb 14 2011
  • I need to back up my SELECTServer Database but I don't know how!

    So you need to make a back up for your SELECTServer database for any number or reasons, but you are not sure how to accomplish this task.  Below your will find three (3) ways to accomplish this and continue on with your day to day operations.

    First things first...The hassel of a SELECTServer Database can be avoided by utilizing the Bentley Hosted Server!  Learn more by clicking here:

    Lets dive into the ways a SELECTServer…

    • Fri, Feb 4 2011
  • Running Multiple SELECTservers is not needed

    We can all agree that having a backup plan is important, but running additional SELECTservers as a failover server is not really needed. The SELECTserver was designed to issue licenses for up to 30 days in an “Offline” or disconnected mode. There are better methods through a failover server or utilize high availability in a virtual environment. Having additional SELECTservers running could result in over usages being…
    • Fri, Feb 4 2011
  • New version of SELECTserver Available Now!!

    In case you were wondering; there’s a new release of SELECTserver available for download on the SELECTservices Web site. The latest version of SELECTserver V8i

    (ver. was posted on 12/16/2010 to address common issues seen by our users. There now includes the ability to choose a Web site for the installation of the SELECTserver administration site. Previously, SELECTserver was automatically installed…

    • Thu, Jan 20 2011
  • Bringing in the money using the Bentley Hosted Server!!!

    Let’s face it, projects are where the money's at,  NOT administration! So why waste time worrying about whether or not your Server is up and running and if your Bentley licenses are available and get right to work, designing the future, and bringing in the big bucks while utilizing the Bentley Hosted Server. 
    What is a Hosted license and what are the advantages of using the Bentley Hosted Server?

    Hosted Licensing…

    • Fri, Jan 14 2011
  • Failed to open XML file C:\windows\Syswow64\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config, System Error: -2147024786

    I want to write on this error simply because recently a number of calls have come in concerning it. 

    Failed to Open XML file c:\Windows\SysWOW64\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config, system error: -2147024786

    During the installation of SELECTServer, this message will appear when the 64 bit version of SELECTServer is installed on a 32 bit operating system or if the 32 bit version of SELECTServer is installed on a 64…

    • Thu, Dec 23 2010
  • Changing the Time SELECTserver - Windows Services Run

    Did you know that you can change the time when the SELECTserver - Windows Services run? These services are made up of four individual modules, each performing specific roles. These services are setup to run each night at midnight by default.

    SELECTserver - Windows Services:

    Data Update Service: Responsible for updating the Server license file.
    Usage Log Processing Service: Calculates Peak Daily Usages and prepares the data…

    • Mon, Dec 20 2010