As has been posted in other threads, the calendar hour time-keeping method has been giving a lot of people grief.  To me it really is the source of all of the overuse issues for companies like mine who are more than willing to pay for a set number of licenses which are not overused during any given moment.  Bentley needs to change their calendar hour time-keeping method to instantaneous time-keeping so that however many licenses you own (3 in my case) can be used by however many users want to access it (3-at-a-time in my case).  So, if 20 people want to use 1 license in the same calendar hour, they would simply have to use it for an average of 3 minutes each.  With an instantaneous time-keeping method in place, there would be no overage!!!  What a concept!

Let's keep this thread with respect to only the calendar hour issue.  Please reply accordingly.  CALENDAR HOUR TIME-KEEPING NEEDS TO GO!