How do we setup Bentley System so that it caps the usage to the number of licenses that we have purchased to avoid unexpected billing charges???

We have been using Bentley Structural Enterprise for a period of 2 years. The products that we use include RAM Concept, Microstran, STADD and Limcon. 

We have had a recurring issue where our usage is exceeding the number of licenses which we have purchased. As an example we have 3 licenses; however throughout the billing month our employees are able to access more than 3 licenses at the same time which is resulting in us being billed for the additional licenses. 

The way that our system is currently setup is that licenses are being manually checked in and out using the license management tool. When we need to use one of the above programs our employees access the license management tool and check out a license. The quota of licenses is thus reduced.

Once there are no more licenses to check out then they should not be able to access any of the above programs.

However what is happening with out system is that employees are still able to access the programs despite there being no licenses available. They seem to be able to do this via TRIAL versions. Rather than restricting the usage, the program will prompt the user to access the program via a trial version. However when using the above programs under the TRIAL version, we are still being billed for this trial as if we are using a license which is above our quota of 3. 

We want to stop this from happening. We want to prevent employees from accessing the programs once our quota has been reached. We want to ensure that employees cannot gain access via TRIAL versions or otherwise unless the account manager authorizes an additional license to be used. 

Can a Bentley representative or someone who has the know-how please assist with instruction as to how we can resolve this issue. 



Xavier Knight Consulting Engineers