Can I upgrade to Connect.

Hello, We have at the moment 2 licences working in our machines. 1 for Microstation Select Series 3 and 1 for AecoSIm Select Series 6.

In order to continue working with a specific cliente we need to mantain the same version as they do. So na upgrade its not possible at the momemt.

Neverthless withe the current Support ending for older Select Series  we need to know if we can just download Microstation Connect edition with our current licence or if  it would this bring any further costs.


Paulo Paixão

  • Free upgrades for owned products are one of the benefits of your SELECT agreement. Even though MicroStation CE Update 12 uses our new CONNECT Licensing system, it will still log usage against a MicroStation license just like it does with MicroStation V8i SS3 under SELECTserver. Additionally, both can be running on the same machine simultaneously and still log a single usage of MicroStation for billing purposes.