Bentley Licensing Service System.OufOfMemoryEyception cause MS CE to stuck in grey screen on launch

Dear Bentley and others.

We face the issue that suddenly, MS CE and other apps don't launch any more or they "launch" with grey screens and no message at all. It seems to be independed from the connection client at all, at least it does not show any fault then. They service running in background crashes or gets into a non-functional state.

I saw that issue several times here now, even on the rare cases i use MS CE IT internally.

Its weird anyway that this service writes log files of 500000 lines and more, but I guess it has a memory leak anywhere and crashes on any action then. Killing all bentley licensing tasks in background and restarting the CC helps instantly.

We use the latest CC

I can hardy summarize the time several 100 employees may be kept from work due to a buggy Bentley License mechanism. Thats a nogo, not at that high maintanance costs.  Especially if users try to launch and think everything should be fine  - and these problems are reported to the IT hours later as it seems like a problem of any internal customization but in fact its simply a broken service from bentley in background causing MS CE to hang on every launch.

Its okay to have some issues on launch, but this is version 18+ of the CC and Update 13 of CE, that cloud licensing is pretty old already and Bentley seem not to get it rock stable. We have had a lot of downtime due to any bentley server issues in past. + the time the IT keeps seaching for local internet / proxy issues and in the end... its Bentleys infrastructure. And in meantime, Bentley rise the maintanance costs year by year.

On large customers like us the outage is quite expensive. There should be a working fallback allowing to launch the products at least +24h if they were launching fine before, a fallback that always works.