Promise Standard in Trial Mode

User gets error message stating that his software is in trial mode when running Promise Standalone.

  • Explanation

    promis•e is sold in a “so-called” STANDALONE version.  This was not a “true” standalone version and required a license of PowerDraft which was provided at no added cost to users of that promis•e  version.

    Effective with SELECTseries 5, the promis•e (for MicroStation/PowerDraft) version is now written on power platform.  It is now a true Standalone version without any dependency on PowerDraft or MicroStation.

    How to Avoid

    Upgrade software to a SELECTSeries 5 (v08.11.10.xx) or greater.

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    Answer Verified By: Nicole Thomas 

  • Recommend upgrading to Promis-e SELECTseries 5 08.11.10.xx or newer.


    Tamicca Sellars
    Support Engineer