• Multi-scale Details Using Annotative Hatching

    In the MicroStation CONNECT Edition support for Annotation Scale has grown to include patterns (Hatch Area, Crosshatch Area, Pattern Area, and Linear Pattern). When placing a pattern, the Annotation Scale Lock Toggle is available in the patterning tool…

    • Fri, Apr 1 2016
  • Bing Maps in MicroStation

    A picture is worth a thousand words may be an old idiom, but it applies to our design projects as well.

    Have you ever had a need to have your project, your designs displayed within the context of a map or aerial image? In many cases you may not have dedicated…

    • Fri, Apr 1 2016
  • Drawing Boundaries -- A Solution for Accelerating Sheet Creation and Layout

    Within the MicroStation CONNECT Edition's modeling environment, the technologies collectively known as the Documentation Center will be the focal point of this blog. Let’s take a look at one of the new features of the Documentation Center that can enhance…

    • Fri, Apr 1 2016