• Creating Templates for Tables

    The MicroStation CONNECT Edition provided the feature of creating tables in your DGN files. If your organization has standard templates that your tables should follow, you can create such templates in MicroStation and apply them while placing tables in…

    • Mon, Jun 20 2016
  • AutoCAD Key-ins in MicroStation

    AutoCAD Key-ins in MicroStation

    Does your organization have users that are new to MicroStation? Do you have a user that is more familiar with AutoCAD? Is there anything to help a new user acclimate to MicroStation more easily? As a long-term user, it…

    • Wed, Jun 15 2016
  • Reporting on MicroStation V8i DGN data in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition

    By now you have seen the new features in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition. In fact, some of you have moved to the new version, have learned a bit about it, are planning to update to it or are testing it in some way. 

    One new feature is the ability to…

    • Wed, Jun 15 2016